What Kind of an Wallpaper You Need to Choose Now

What Kind of an Wallpaper You Need to Choose Now

What seemed like a typical trend of the 60s or 70s has come back strongly in fashion in recent years, bringing a breath of particularly fascinating novelty to modern furniture. We are talking about the use of paper for the walls of your home, a trend that allows you to adapt and characterize the various rooms according to the specific needs of taste and the personality of the hosts.

In fact, not only beautiful wallpaper enlivens and makes the walls of the house much more versatile, but it also manages to enhance the furnishing elements that are combined with it even the curtains, long or short, draw embellishment, light and movement from it. Nowadays, making such a choice is advantageous both from an aesthetic and practical point of view, since the wallpaper proposed by the best brands in the sector is the result of constant aesthetic and material research: wallpaper singapore today is a resistant and washable coating, also suitable for humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Wallpaper: The Types

Modern technologies and the continuous search for innovative materials to be used in the furnishing sector have led to the creation of interesting wallpapers from the point of view of sealing and final effect. The wallpaper singapore made of paper obtained from natural cellulose is definitely the most widespread and well known, but it is becoming increasingly popular also one made with TNT – non-woven fabric, which, besides being more economical, it is breathable, washable and water-repellent.


The fiberglass wallpaper is light as a canvas, but guarantees resistance and incombustibility in case of fire, while the vinyl or pvc wallpaper is ideal for those looking for aesthetically appealing and modern graphic effects, as well as being ideal inside kitchens or bathrooms due to its impermeability.   Visit our Showroom and request information from our technicians, to discover all the types of wallpaper existing in the sector.


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